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VMSG (Vision, Mission, Services, and Goals) Dashboard Public Health Performance Management System is a cloud-based, real-time, performance management system designed specifically to assist public health departments in the development, implementation and performance management of the Strategic and Operational Planning process from end to end.





The VMSG Dashboard will help an organization:

  • To bring organization-wide visibility and focus to the strategic and operational planning process
  • To assist Public Health Departments in meeting PHAB Standard 9.1, Performance Management System implementation
  • To provide the missing link between strategic planning and performance management
  • To engage all levels of management and supervision in the planning process
  • To provide a clear and consistent method for reporting progress-against-planning throughout the organization
  • To provide a planning tool which mirrors KCA’s results-oriented approach to strategic planning
  • To implement a planning and reporting process which encourages participation at all levels of the organization and is sustainable
  • To manage all versions of the documents related to the strategic and operational planing


Please contact us to schedule a live, online demonstration of the VMSG Dashboard Public Health Performance Management System.


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